Monica Tarantino

small animal veterinarian and medical director


Education & Training

Marymount University BA
University of California San Diego MBA
Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)


Small animal veterinarian and medical director
Founder of Senior Dog Revolution
Charlotte, NC area

Activity & Honors

Dr. Tarantino has a soon to be published book about senior dog health. She is also cofounder of a company called Veterinarians on the Rise which focuses on mentoring future veterinarians.

Professional Memberships

American Veterinary Medical Association


Dr. Tarantino writes veterinary content for multiple websites and is a member of the veterinary review Committee for Spruce Pets Website. Her upcoming book titled Senior Dog Revolution will be out later in 2020.

Dr. Tarantino is revolutionizing the relationship between pet parents and their senior pets. As a veterinarian, author, podcaster, and founder of Senior Dog Revolution, she works to inform owners on how to maximize the health and happiness of aging pets while minimizing age related disease. Through social media, her podcast, email list, and courses- she has created a community of highly devoted pet parents that are invested in giving their aging dogs the best.
She's on a mission to help senior cats and dogs around the world by simplifying pet health and showing pet parents how they can give their pets their best lives.