Safe and Quiet

Portable board that provides warm circulate air through tiny holes with custom safe heating element,Which offers friendly quiet and comfortable environment for your furry friends.

Portable & Hands Free

You can put it simply in the dog cage, crate, or carrier and let your pets stay inside, you can brush your dog or cat while the warm air goes; It is also convenient that it allows multiple pets to dry partially.

Save Money

PetieTec pet dryer are cost-efficient, you can save up to $50-100 by visiting the groomer every 3-4 weeks/ month Want to know more about the details, feel free to Contact Us

Air Dry

Easy for pet owners but dangerous to pets

  • cause fungus growth in between the paw pads or under the armpit
  • cause matting of the fur and other skin problems like hot spots for long-haired / double-coated dogs

Towel Dry

Easy and Common method but

  • may result in matting and knots in their fur
  • may need multiple towels to dry them well and must be washed after every use

Hair/Blower Dryers

Significantly reduce the drying time however can cause more harm than good

  • Human hair dryers come with high thermal setting can burn your pets'skin
  • Some pets are easily frightened by the noise of the blow dryer