Heat therapy is the method of treat by using heat. Many health benefits result from applying heat to an ailing area on a dog's body. This is mainly due to the fact that heat application results in an increase of blood flow, which brings fresh nutrients and oxygen to the injury. Read on to learn more about how heat therapy work for our fur babies.

Benefits of Heat Therapy

The application of heat is used to reduce stiffness and muscle spasms, increase blood flow and relieve pain, which is helpful for ongoing conditions such as chronic pain and arthritis. They’re also good choice for warming up joints and relaxing muscles after exercise. Also, heat therapy will keep their joints warm in cold days.

What are the benefits of heated therapy?
1.Decrease pain
2.Increase blood flow to promote healing
3.Increase local tissue metabolism and stretchability
4.Home-used heat therapy for recovery

Occasions to use heat therapy

We are always confusing when to use ice and when to use heat. As a general rule of thumb, use ice for acute injuries or pain, along with inflammation and swelling. Use heat for muscle and joint pain or stiffness. Here are the occasions to use heat therapy:

1. For relieving joint or muscle pain and stiffness


Heat therapy works by improving the circulation and blood flow to a localized area. Increasing the temperature of the area even slightly can decrease pain and muscle spasms, and increase muscle flexibility.

2. Manage chronic arthritis symptoms


Excessive swelling from arthritis flare-ups can respond well to brief applications of cold packs or ice. However, for managing the day-to-day pain and stiffness of OA, heat is a reliable and easy technique you can use yourself, at home or at work.


3. Recovery from joints surgery


Heat therapy promotes healing by increasing blood flow to the muscles and joints. Increased blood flow delivers more oxygen, white blood cells, platelets, and essential nutrients, all of which help repair damaged tissues heal. But heat can’t be used directly to damaged skin and when there is swelling.

4. Warm up before exercise or rehabilitation


Applying heat therapy for taking preventative measures for strained muscles before exercise helps increase the elasticity of joint connective tissues and increases blood flow to the affected area. Devoting time to heat therapy for just 15 minutes before begin the workout will help relax tight muscles and muscles spasms and future reduce pain and swelling.


5. Sooth sore muscles after a workout


After exercising or overtaxing muscles, they may feel tight, tired, or sore from tiny tears and a buildup of lactic acid. It promotes circulation and help to remove lactic acid from the muscles, helping them to relax.

6. To treat muscle injuries


Heat can also be used following an acute injury to increase blood flow once the swelling has subsided. After sustaining a sudden injury, ice therapy should be used for the first 24 to 72 hours and, after that, individuals can transition to heat therapy in order to increase blood flow to the area.


When using heat to treat a chronic injury, follow these safety measures:

Don’t use heat to treat an acute injury.
Don’t apply heat after an activity.
Only use moderate heat that does not cause sweating or discomfort.
Don’t use heat where there is swelling.
Don’t use heat on broken or damaged skin.

How to apply heat therapy at home

1. PetieTec heating therapy braces

PetieTec Targeted Heating Therapy Braces are specially designed for our furbabies’ joint issues. They can not only be used for easing the pain from arthritis and hip dysplasia, but also for relaxing and stimulate blood circulation after exercise.
Veterinarian approved
Targeted Heating & 3 Temperature options
Different sizes for different breeds
Made of Graphene material without over heating
Totally safe with no sided effects
Work well with other therapies

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Other Natural Remedies for Dog Pain

2. Hot packs
Something that’s very convenient to buy and bring anywhere are the hot packs or gel packs. Not only for the cold seasons, but they are best to apply on specific or targeted areas of the dogs’ body.


Disadvantage: The hot packs are not able to keep the stable heat, the temperate goes down fast. And it has to be hold by the owners’ hand during the therapy. It’s hard to use on an active dog.

3. Heating pad
Electric heating pads can also to used to provide heat on dogs. It comes in different sizes and convenient to put on the floor or bed for that warm and cozy sleep. Users have the option of increasing and setting the heat temperature


Disadvantage: It’s not able to provide targeted heating to the pain area. The heat can’t reach some common pain areas of dog, like hip, spine or shoulder.

4. Warm Towels
It’s already found in your linen closet can bring your pup a good relief. Simply dipping the towel into hot water, dry it and use on your dog. Convenient and suitable for all dogs.


Disadvantage: Same as the hot packs, it can’t provide stable heat, and have to hold by owners’ hand.

Other Natural Remedies for Dog Pain

There are an increasing number of options that can help your dog with pain ,and in some cases, slow the degeneration of joint cartilage. Our goal is to help your dog get back to enjoying pain-free activities and mobility. Here’re some natural and home remedies available to make your fur babies feel much better.


Ensure Proper

Our vet thinks the heat therapy has really helped her

It's given both us and Echo so much relief since we got it, especially now the weather is turning colder! She's not the happiest wearing things, but every time she has used the product she has fallen asleep. She also gets a runny nose which she also gets when she has her acupuncture, which is supposed to signal a release of toxins. Our vet thinks the heat therapy has really helped her and can see a noticeable difference in her muscles! Her back is much less tight, and she had hardly any knots in her thighs and quads than last time before we started using the heat therapy.

We love it! He uses it every day and after a short time

We have an infrared sauna at home but with my dog’s knee pain he needs relief at other times. I saw this item and thought it would be the answer. We love it! He uses it every day and after a short time using it finds relief and is able to get back to his daily activities. It’s also very soft and comfortable. The 3 heat settings are ideal and I adjusts it depending on his pain level. Great Product!


I use them after a long walk, especially the knee brace on my arthritic knee.

So excited about these heating therapy braces from @gsd_petietec I use them after a long walk, especially the knee brace on my arthritic knee. The heating braces reduce stiffness, increase blood flow and relieve pain.
I find heat therapy very calming. I can feel how my muscles relax after a long walk and my knee feels better.

After using them for about 4 weeks, and now he can get on the car!

Jocker is a retired Police dog and has pain in his joints. He refused to get on the car because of the chronic pain before. After using the heating therapy brace for about 4 weeks, and now he can get on the car! The temperature makes him comfortable every time he use it. Highly recommended!