2-in-1 PetieTec Massage Braces For Neck & Hip

2-in-1 PetieTec Massage Braces For Neck & Hip

PetieTec Massage Braces For Back

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Package Contains:

1 pcs Back Massage Brace for dogs with digital screen

Back Massage Brace Size:

M: Brace Length--30cm

L: Brace Length--45cm

XL: Brace Length--55cm

Used for:

Used for back

Vibration pod with 3 settings:

Charging Method:

Built-in battery,USB cordless; Rechargeable input 5 Volt/output: 5V

2 hours per charge,available for all massages of one week


Soothes Nerves

Massaging can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Core Tension

Use the belt to massage along the back to help decrease tension and stress.

Joint Health

Use the belt for joints to help increase flexibility and circulation while decreasing tension, especially in dogs with osteoarthritis.

Improves Mobility

The belt can help improve mobility and joint health when used before and after exercise.

This was specifically designed for pets to provide an effective, yet gentle, therapeutic massage using vibration therapy.Vibration massage therapy can help relieve muscle tension around delicate tissue or sore spots.

Each Petietec massage Belt provides 6-8 vibration motors to your pet up to 100 hz frequency, which can help improve mobility and joint health for your pet.

Massaging your pet with the Petietec Massage belt can help to prevent injuries, improve performance in agility dogs, delay onset of age-related arthritis, improve mobility for older pets and help recover faster from injuries or post surgery rehabs.


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