How Can You Ease Your
Senior Dog’s Arthritis Pain?

Treating dog arthritis pain involves using some different types pain medication for dogs, dogs' supplements, and plenty of care and attention. This progressive joint disease, unfortunately, isn't going to go away. For senior dogs, arthritis and joint pain from this degenerative joint disease can impact their overall life quality, and will start restricting their range of motion.
Besides pain relievers and supplements, there are many easy ways to relieve pain in arthritic dogs. Weight management, exercise, environmental modification and complimentary therapies are all part of helping your senior dog manage their condition. Let's take a look at how these methods can relieve the pain of arthritis in dogs.

7 Ways to Ease Your Senior Dog’s Arthritis Pain


Glucosamine and chondroitin supplements can be used to help improve joint mobility and support better joint functioning for dogs with arthritis.

Pain killing medication

Pain medication, including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (commonly called NSAIDs), may help relieve pain, and disease-modifying osteoarthritis drugs (DMOADs) can also play an important role. Talk to your vet before giving your dog any medication.

Weight management

Getting or keeping your dog slim can help by decreasing the load on his joints. Even a little extra weight can make a big difference when it comes to pressure on the joints. Every extra pound on your dog is equal to 20 extra pounds on you!


Feeding your pet a good quality age-appropriate diet is really important. A good quality diet contain a number of different things that help reduce weight gain and actually optimize for weight loss. It can help to maintain muscle mass and shift fat. Omega-3 fatty acids are a mixture of essential fatty acids. Adding it to your dog's food will have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Exercise management

Controlled exercise is a must, but make sure you carefully monitor your dog while she plays, walks, or runs. If possible, find a soft surface for activity.

Environmental modification

Be sure to take steps to adjust his environment at home. Some things that can help an arthritic dog include: providing soft supportive bedding for his achy joints, using ramps to help a dog get in and out of a car or up to a bed, and putting down carpeting and secure rugs to help him get traction as he walks.

Complimentary therapies

Complimentary therapies tie in to exercise management. The most common ones are heat therapy or hydrotherapy. They're designed to help maintain muscle mass which helps stabilize joints. Also they can help keep your pet mobile and supple and reduces inflammation.

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Once you have a treatment plan in place, it's then important to monitor your dog's comfort levels, modify the plan if needed, and then maintain it so that your dog's pain does not return.