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As pet parents, we want our pets to be healthy and happy throughout their lives. However, they also inevitably encounter various health problems. While some dog health issues may be easily treated by the vet, many require ongoing treatment and care to ensure your pet’s ongoing health and wellbeing.
We have created a full database of common dog health issues and care tips to help you better understand their physical condition and care for them.

Joints and Mobility

Joint issues in pets are common, leading to pain, discomfort, and general mobility problems. Joint issues can be development or degenerative. With developmental joint issues, which include hip or elbow dysplasia, the joint hasn’t developed correctly. Degenerative problems, like arthritis, occur as your pet ages.

Pain & Inflammation

If you notice your dog isn't quite themselves lately, it could be because they are in pain. They could have an injury, an infection, or a disease. Dog’s pain can be caused by a variety of problems, from arthritis to hip dysplasia to toothache. Or maybe they are starting to feel the aches of aging.

Aging and Wellness

Dogs are our companions, providing us with emotional and physical support. Their short lives force us to understand the challenges and talents of caring for senior dogs. The field of aging emphasizes not only longevity, but also healthy longevity -- a healthy, active lifespan.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is the method of treat by using heat. Many health benefits result from applying heat to an ailing area on a dog's body. This is mainly due to the fact that heat application results in an increase of blood flow, which brings fresh nutrients and oxygen to the injury.

Anxiety & Phobias

Dog anxiety can affect all breeds, but may affect each individual dog differently. Although it is something that all dogs experience from time-to-time, if disproportionate levels of anxiety are left unchecked, a dog can develop an anxiety disorder. If left untreated, dog anxiety can lead to behavioral and other issues.

Dog Safety Tips & Advice

Some other pet-related knowledge is shared for your reference. We want all pets to have a healthier and more comfortable life.

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As a retired Police dog, Jocker can get up to the car again!

Jocker is a retired Police dog and has pain in his joints. He refused to get on the car because of the chronic pain before. After using the heating therapy brace for about 4 weeks, and now he can get on the car! The temperature makes him comfortable every time he use it. Highly recommended!


Useful for both my puppies and myself.

So enjoy for my puppies to the heated therapy! Not gonna lie, I used it on my low back pain and they really helped me too!


It fit great on her, and she falls asleep after using it

My younger GSD is 50 pounds and it fit great on her, and she falls asleep after using it. My older GSD aka 95 pounds currently and it was a bit small on him. He wasn't a big fan of the straps going across his penis but did leave it alone and seemed to enjoy it. I like the adjustable straps to keep it fitted on them.


From Dog Owners

I've been so impressed with this company!

I stumbled upon Petietic awhile ago when looking for ways to help my aging pup. Watched Petietics Facebook, Instagram, and website for over a month before I purchased because I’m a skeptic. Every single review I saw were 5 stars and all extremely positive! So I finally purchased for my Sweet Angel Baby Snookie who will be 12 in July and is getting a little stiff as she ages. I want to do absolutely everything in my power to keep her not only comfortable but keep her active and young for as long as possible. She is my absolute heart. I have been so impressed with this company!


Our boy is so relaxed wearing them and he can move about with ease too without it slipping.

My Cardigan Corgi was diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia at 10 months old. We were advised to use heat therapy which started with us using a wheat bag. We found this hard to make stay in the right place and also cover all his 'sore' spots, and so searched for another option. We came across the Petietec heat braces on Facebook and coincidentally our Physiotherapist had one for us to try. We love how easy the braces are to use, and how the heat is targeted directly on all the correct spots. Our boy is so relaxed wearing them and he can move about with ease too without it slipping. The customer service has been fantastic and the braces arrived really swiftly. Would highly recommend!

Charlie | DOG OWNER

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