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Two ways to help dogs with Arthritis

Keeping our dog's joints strong and comfortable can be tough as they get older! I love combining PetieTec heat therapy braces with physical therapy to help support my geriatric dog Becca's joints. I use her PetieTec heated therapy braces for 10-15 minutes right before her hydrotherapy. This system helps me so I can warm up her joints and help increase flexibility and blood flow prior to her water therapy which helps me keep her muscles strong as she ages. And as a vet, I love that any pet parent can easily use their heated braces at home on their dogs! On days we do not have hydrotherapy, we also use PetieTec heat therapy braces as a standalone treatment which Becca really enjoys for comfort on her stiff joints every morning.

Dr. Tarantino | Seniordogdoc

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Senior dog vet recommendation

"Arthritis HURTS our older dogs, even if they don't show signs. And one simple way to help reduce pain in our older dogs is through PetieTec's heated therapy braces directly increase blood flow and comfort in those areas of chronic pain. As a vet, it's a great addition for older arthritic dogs because this modality is natural and easily combined with most vet-recommended medications older dogs may already be on. PetieTec heated therapy braces charge through a USB port and are really easy to apply to our dogs. They have different braces for the neck, back, front legs and back legs and the braces are soft and comfortable. Most dogs really seem to enjoy their heat therapy time. For Becca, we notice that she moves better the days she uses it."

Dr. Tarantino | Seniordogdoc

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I've found that heat therapy helps him a lot

I would highly recommend. Great service from the start and came really quick in the mail. Dexter, who has hip dysplasia, is starting to get a little stiff and discomfort, and I've found that heat therapy helps him a lot. extremely easy to use and put on.

Louise | Dog Owner

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Our vet thinks the heat therapy has really helped her!

It's given both us and Echo so much relief since we got it, especially now the weather is turning colder! She's not the happiest wearing things, but every time she has used the product she has fallen asleep. She also gets a runny nose which she also gets when she has her acupuncture, which is supposed to signal a release of toxins. Our vet thinks the heat therapy has really helped her and can see a noticeable difference in her muscles! Her back is much less tight, and she had hardly any knots in her thighs and quads than last time before we started using the heat therapy.

Abbie | Dog Owner

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I am currently using them for a client of mine and wow!

I uesd the braces for a lab with severe joint issues from my client and my own cocker spaniel as working dog with quite tight lower back. I really am supportive of these products, I think they are really cool!I also use 10mins prior to exercise to warm up the muscles and 10 mins in the morning/after long periods of rest to help with any pain.

Emily | Veterinary Physiotherapy

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As a retired Police dog, Jocker can get up to the car again!

Jocker is a retired Police dog and has pain in his joints. He refused to get on the car because of the chronic pain before. After using the heating therapy brace for about 4 weeks, and now he can get on the car! The temperature makes him comfortable every time he use it. Highly recommended!

Mme | Dog Trainer

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A must have product for any pups with joint issues

Yes,we use the heating braces to help with her luxating patella's almost daily!!I think Cakers really enjoys her special relaxation time!! This is a must have product for any pups with joint issues or hip dysplasia.


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It can ease my joint pain, relax my muscles

I sadly have arthritis and as it is a progressive disease nothing can reverse it but these braces ease my pain.I feel so comfortable and sleep whilst they are on me.


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Every time we use the heat braces, he did fall asleep

Buddy is six years young. I use the heat braces when it will be very cold outside. He also gets a massage every 2 weeks. He did fall asleep and was very relaxed. I can also use it for my knee. I've tried it once and the pain was relieved after 2 minutes.

Buddy & Friends | Dog Owner

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The braces can work well with hydrotherapy and dog likes them

I have a little joint stiff and love to using heated therapy braces before and after hydrotherapy, it will take about 20 minutes each.I feel so relax and comfortable with the two therapies combination. Great feeling and great fun!

Charlie | DOG OWNERS

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So many people keep messaging me about the heating braces!

I have used the knee braces the most. I’ve used them after long walks. The size is good. At first she got up and left after 5 seconds but I slowly introduced them, with treats, and now she enjoys the therapy. Love that they’re so easy to use. Easy to change temp settings. Steady temperature.
I‘ve never even heard of braces like this before. These are totally new to me. I don‘t have any suggestions, to me they’re perfect and Nella seems to love it. So many people keep messaging me about the heating braces! They all want them!

nella.the.gsd | Dog Owner

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They really help warm up our joints!

Labradors are prone to joint problems, so whilst we are still young mama wants to do anything she can to prevent them. We have started wearing them for 15 mins before an adventure and they really help warm up our joints so that we are more than ready to explore.


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We really love the back brace it’s probably mine and her favorit

Coda is 1.5, she is a guide and medical alert service dog. We really love the back brace and it‘s probably mine and her favourite favourite product. It almost made her fall asleep! I find that coda found it the most comfortable. We will keep using the braces for a while to see the result. So good for now.

sd_coda | Dog Owner

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We will definitely continue to use these.

They‘re not just for the older dogs but can be used on dogs of any age, using them to warm up your dogs joints before or during exercise and training sessions.

Aleesha | DOG OWNERS

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My girl really enjoys it Going to let my neighbors try them out

Mya is 2 and 1/2, we used the heated braces after playing in the snow. Size was great! Straps made it easy to adjust. All temp setting were good. I went in the middle just have middle ground of heat. I think having shepherds the knee and hip sleeves would be best used for me. My girl really enjoys it. Going to let my neighbors try them out too with their old pitbull who has some hip issues.

bdugas85 | Dog Owner