Breed:Border Collie
Health Issue:Prevention
Region:New Mexico
Product Used:Back brace, Hip brace and Elbow brace


"We have incorporated the heating braces into our post-hike routine for the last month and not only does Bandit seem more energized afterwards, he also doesn't seem as tired and lazy the day following a hike. For me the proof is in the pudding so to speak, or rather in the heating braces." ---Bandit's Mom

Product Used

Bandit's story

I am a huge stickler for making sure that joints are cared for with the best products possible. After countless hours of research, reading science sources, articles, blogs, etc. I definitely fancy myself at least an amateur of knowing the basic needs for joints and the best products to use. There's a lot of talk about supplements, but did you know that there's actually things you can do besides supplements? Heat therapy is one of our absolute go to's for managing the impact of long hikes and exercise. @gsd_petietec heating braces are perfect for this purpose because they securely fasten to Bandit and allow him to sleep, play, follow me around the house (as he so loves to do) and just about anything else, while still providing the benefits of heat therapy.
I love that these braces come with 3 heat settings because Bandit loves it on the warmest setting (red) but our older dog Nollie who has diagnosed arthritis loves the lowest setting for his comfort. If you have a multi-dog home the separate settings are great for finding the perfect heat intensity for everyone.