Breed:Border Collie
Health Issue:Injury
Product Used:Hip brace, Knee brace


"Not only did this at-home and affordable option help Leo make a full recovery over just a month (alongside daily stretches and light exercise), but we now use it once a week to increase mobility, blood circulation, and to prevent arthritis and other joint issues in the future." ---Leo's Mom

Product Used

Leo's story

Let’s talk about high energy breeds and unexpected injury…
In September, I took Leo to a field to play some fetch like we always do. Except this time, he turned a corner too quickly and fell on his right hind leg. On our way back to the car, I noticed he would sit randomly instead of walking. We went straight to the vet and found out that he had strained his hip and knee. They recommended we take it easy for a few weeks and if nothing improves, to consider a rehab facility for some heat therapy. After 2 weeks of Leo dragging his right hind leg and having a slight curve to his butt/ lower back, I looked into a few rehab facilities and the costs were extensive. That’s when the company @gsd_petietec reached out to us. They sent us their heat therapy hip and knee brace. After consulting with our vet and showing them the product, we were told that this is a great option to try. The hip and knee brace is incredibly easy to recharge, put on and is super comfortable for Leo.
In my opinion, I think every pawrent of a high-energy breed (or even senior pups) could benefit from having this product at home. Just like joint supplements, heat therapy can play a huge role in your pup’s joint health.