Hamish the Border Collie with Arthritis for Years

Breed:Border Collie
Health Issue:arthritis
Region:Unite Kingdom
Product Used:Hip Brace


"Hamish has bad arthritis in his back hips. I used to use the heat bag with weeds to heat his hip up. I love targeted heating braces since he can move around with it on. He seems very comfortable in it, and I feel much more relaxed becasuse I don't have to hold it on his hip." ---Hamish's Mom

Product Used

Hamish's story

Hamish's Story My Border Collie Hamish is 13 years old now. As he gets older, he got bad arthritis in his back hips. I used to apply the heat bag with seeds to heat his hip up, since the vet recommend us to do the heat therapy for his, this will increase the blood flow and make him feel less pain. When I first saw this heating braces I know I need this! After we tried several times, it really helps a lot! Hamish seems quite enjoy it every time we do the heat therapy. He can move around with it on as he want. And I feel much relaxed since I don't have to hold the heat bags any more. We really got benefit from the targeted heating braces. I will defenitly keep using the heating braces for him. Watch him gets less pain is the happiest time.

Tips from petietec

Compared to heating bags, our targeted heating therapy braces will provide targeted heating to the pain area of your dog. It will bring much enjoyment and relaxing for both dog and the owner.