How Can Your dog Benefit From Physical Therapy

Dog physical therapy can play an important role if your dog is recovering from injury or surgery, or has mobility issues due to an underlying medical condition or simply old age.

Physical therapy can speed up the healing process and ensure better mobility and long term health of your dog. The following will introduce you to the benefits of physical therapy for dogs and make you aware of whether or not your dog needs physical therapy.


What Is Dog Physical Therapy?

Canine physical rehabilitation is very similar to physical therapy for humans. Many of the same techniques are used to improve the physical health of animals as physical therapy does to humans. It can help relieve pain and encourage muscle, joint, ligament, and bone functioning.


What Physical Therapies Are Used?

Canine rehabilitation therapy often spans a wide range of modalities or approaches. This could include the use of multiple different types of equipment or types of physical therapy. The goal is to improve the function and mobility of the affected part of the body, so there is no additional shock to the painful joint. Pet physical therapy is useful after surgery in conjunction with follow-up veterinary care.


Some commonly used rehabilitation therapies include:

·Passive range of motion exercises

· Cold laser therapy

· Therapeutic massage

· Therapeutic ultrasound

· Underwater exercises on a treadmill

· Targeted exercises and stretches

· Acupuncture

· Extracorporeal shockwave therapy

· Heat and cold therapy

· Electrical stimulation


How Dog Physical Therapy Helps Your Pet?

When your dog recover from injury or surgery, pet physiotherapy is a treatment that helps them increase their blood flow, flexibility, and healing abilities. Most orthopaedic injuries (from sprains to ligament ruptures), as well as neurological problems, recover better and faster.


Some of the advantages of dog rehabilitation therapies include:

· Increase the speed and effectiveness of recovery

· Decreased pain and discomfort

· Increased range of motion and body conditioning


Physical therapy has been shown to prolong quality of life and preserve muscle mass. Among them, the relief effect of hyperthermia is the most significant. Heat increases circulation, stimulates muscles, lessens pain and Increase local tissue metabolism and stretchability.

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√ Stimulate Blood Circulation

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