natural anti inflammatory pain relief for dogs

Natural & Safe Pain Relief for Dogs-Heat Therapy

Concept of Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is helpful in managing pain and discomfort from stiff and sore muscles and joints. By increasing the temperature of the skin & soft tissue, the blood flow increases by vasodilatation. In the meantime, the metabolic rate and the tissue extensibility also increase. Decreasing muscle stiffness, increase range of motion and relieve pain, heat therapy is an easy and effective way. For veterinarians, it can be used for treating a dog or

Veterinarians can use Heat therapy to treat a dog, or recommend it to dog owners for home treatment. Heat therapy is very common as one of physiotherapists’ rehabilitation treatments.

heat therapy natural pain relief for dogs

Protocols of Applying Heat Therapy in Dogs

Veterinarian’s advice always comes first, whenever you dog is injured! As a preventive measure, heating pads or wraps are available in local pharmacies. Instead, soak a towel in hot while not boiling water would be okay.

In any case, make sure to avoid burning your dog’s skin! Do not apply heat therapy device directly on the skin. Pay attention to your dog’s response during the treatment and stop it once your dog has abnormal behavior.

natural anti inflammatory pain relief for dogs

Heat Therapy VS Main Treatments in Dogs

As an easy and effective way to deal with stiffness and pain, heat therapy generally works well with a main treatment that addresses the annoying problem leading to the pain or inflammation. Being widely used by veterinarians and physiotherapists, Heat therapy has been proven effective for healing different age-related issues.

Cost of Heat Therapy in Dogs

There is a wide range of heat therapy devices available now, and the price commonly ranges from $5 to $100. As for professional heat application during physiotherapy, the cost is up to $75 per session. You can also resort to affordable devices, such as a soft towel soaked in warm water, homemade rice heating pad and hot water bottles.

natural pain relief for dogs

PetieTec Heat Therapy Coat

This joint pain relief heated therapy coat is designed for dogs who suffer from back leg limping, arthritis, hip Dysplasia and other joint pain problems. The coat can:

  • Ease Pain & Stimulate Blood Circulation
  • Work Well with Other Therapies
  • Natural and Safe with No Side Effects

joint pain relief heat therapy coat for dogs

Cautions of Dog Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is an easy and safe method of dog rehabilitation. Dogs can enjoy happy healing time at home regularly. However, remember to seek your veterinarian’s advice to ensure the heat treatment can be applied on your dog and get to know how & when to apply. Especially for open wounds or stitches, veterinarians suggest not applying heat devices to the affected area, for fear of further damage.