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How to Detangle Your Dog’s Matted Hair

If your furry friend is with long or curly hair, you should more likely have experienced matting. These pesky little balls or clumps of fur not only look bad, but they can also cause discomfort and health issues with your puppy. Mats will only get worse, so they must be removed. Here are some advises on how to detangle the mats.

What Causes Matted Hair In Dogs?

Mats form when dog fur becomes tangled and wraps around itself. Mats are more prevalent in long-haired dogs, especially during shedding season. Mats usually start with a small knot, if not brush out, mats will get larger and more difficult to remove.

Mats usually form in areas where there is lots of friction — the backs of their ears, butts, tummy area and under the arms and legs.

Sometimes, eliminating large mats involves pulling on the skin which is extremely painful for your pup. That’s why it’s important to understand the best way to remove them.

The Must-Have Detangling Tools

Slicker brush

A good everyday grooming tool with thin wires, which can help work out most mats.

Metal Comb

For a really stubborn mat, use one of these. They have long, sharp, heavy teeth that help break up stubborn mats. As with any pointy tool, use it with caution to prevent hurting yourself or your pup.

Dog Detangler Brush

While regular dog brushes work great for general maintenance and shedding, you may also need a specific detangler brush to remove mats as painlessly as possible.

Dog Detangler Spray

Using a detangling leave-in conditioning spray can make brushing easier as well. Spray it on your dog’s damp coat after their bath and before drying, or lightly spray over dry fur and brush it through your dog’s coat.

How To Get Mats Out Of Dog Hair

The best way to remove matted hair from dogs is to get stuck in and gently brush.

  1. Get you and your dog in a comfortable position. Removing mats can be an extremely uncomfortable process for your dog. Pet your dog, make sure he is calm before you start.
  2. Spray the coat with detangler. The conditioner can help loosen up mats and make it easier to get the brush to glide through the hair.
  3. Brush your dog. Use a slicker brush to locate the mats. Make sure to be gentle and the bristles don’t touch your dog’s skin.
  4. Separate the mats with your finger. When you find mats, start to untangle them with your fingers. This will take awhile, so you need to have patience.
  5. Pick the mat. When the mat is very tangled and your fingers not work, try picking through it with a comb. This picking action helps break up the hair. Lift the tool in and out of the hair instead of pulling in through. Go from the ends up towards the base. You want to loosen the hair.
  6. Try a dematting comb. If the mat doesn’t come out after using your fingers and a comb or brush, try the dematting comb. Comb it gently through the mats, it has sharp teeth that help cut through the mat.
  7. Use the slicker brush to finish going over the newly detangled hair, continue brushing out the rest of your dog’s coat.

What if it doesn’t work?

Don’t worry, it happens. Resist the urge to cut it out with scissors. Instead, see a professional. A groomer will get the mat out and may also do an overall doggie haircut to avoid the problem in the future.

If your pup has severely matted dog hair, a full-body shave may be the least painful option. But don’t worry, their coat will grow back and you can keep it silky this time.

Coat Type Best Brush Alternate Brush
Very Short Hair

(Boston Terriers, Great Danes)

An Example Of A Rubber Curry Brush

Rubber Curry Brush

An Example Of A Bristle Brush

Bristle Brush

Short, Shedding Hair

(Labs, Pugs)

An Example Of A Rubber Curry Brush

Rubber Curry Brush

An Example Of A Shedding Tool

Shedding Tool

Short, Thick, Shedding Hair

(Huskies, German Shepherds)

An Example Of An Undercoat Rake

Undercoat Rake/

Slicker Brush

An Example Of A Shedding Tool

Shedding Tool

Medium Hair

(Golden Retrievers, Border Collies)

An Example Of A Slicker Brush

Slicker Brush

An Example Of An Undercoat Rake

Undercoat Rake

Straight Hair

(Maltese, Yorkie)

An Example Of A Pin Brush

Pin Brush

An Example Of A Dematting Tool

Dematting Tool

Curly Hair

(Poodle, Bichon)

An Example Of A Greyhound Comb

Metal Comb

An Example Of A Dematting Tool

Dematting Tool

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