can dogs eat raw chicken

Can Dogs Eat Raw Chicken?

Why can dogs eat raw chicken?

Similar to dogs in the wild, you house dogs have hardier stomachs than humans. For that reason, it’s in dogs’ genes to eat raw meat, such as chicken, and thousands of years of breeding and adaptation won’t just take these instincts away.
But they still need proper care and preparation when it comes to their food – especially if it’s raw. Here’s everything you need to know about raw chicken for dogs.

Benefits of Chicken for Dogs

Chicken provides a number of benefits for dogs, just as it does for people.Chicken breast is 20% fat, 80% protein, which is a balanced ratio for your pet’s diet. In addition to being a low-calorie source of energy, there are a lot of other benefits of incorporating chicken into your dog’s diet. They include:

  • A high protein count that helps build lean muscle mass.
  • Omega 6 fatty acids that keep skin healthy and promotes a soft, shiny coat.
  • Essential amino acids that promote strong bones.

The benefits of chicken for dogs makes it a great meat to include in their diets.

How to prepare the raw chicken

So feel free to give your dog chicken to supplement its normal diet — just be sure to make sure all bones are removed to avoid any injuries or digestive issues.
Also, be sure to pay attention to “Best By” dates, handling methods, and storage temperatures of raw meat to prevent bacteria growth.
Another important note when feeding raw chicken is to disinfect any areas where the chicken may touch. That can include your hands, your dog’s bowl, where the chicken is cut, etc.

raw chicken for dogs