can pugs eat fig

Can Dogs Eat Figs?

Can dogs eat fig?

Fig, as a kind of fruit with high nutritional value, is it edible for your dog? Figs are generally consider safe for dogs. However, they can still cause some side effects for which you need to watch. Moreover, If you have a fig tree in your home, be sure to place it in an area away from your dog.

Benefits Of Figs

Figs are fruits with high nutritional value for both dogs and humans. Feeding your dog a small amount is actually good for his health.

  1. Figs are rich in natural sugars, which is a great, healthy source of energy and a superior alternative to the refined sugars that are found in many processed dog snacks. So figs are a good alternative to other dog treats.
  2. Their fiber content is good for a dog’s colon health and weight control, and in some cases can help with constipation. As well as regulating bowel movements, fiber can help regulate your dog’s hunger instincts.
  3. Being high in potassium, they can also help regulate blood pressure and have cardiovascular benefits, too. So an occasional fig is good for your dog’s long-term cardiovascular health.
  4. Figs are a good choice for dogs with obesity problems to control their weight, because figs have a strong feeling of fullness.

Risk Of Figs

They’re not toxic. However, some dogs are particularly sensitive to figs and may have  some allergic reactions after consuming.

  1. Figs are high in sugar, and when dogs eat too much figs, their digestive system can enter chaos. So dry figs are dangerous for dogs. They‘re three times higher in calories, have too much sugar, and a low water content.
  2. The biggest concern lies in figs enzymes that can be too strong for your dog’s stomach to handle. It’s confirmed fact that dogs who eat a few figs often have an upset stomach. This condition is usually followed with vomiting and diarrhea. If you believe that figs may cause your dog allergies, stop giving them and contact your vet to be sure that your dog is fine.
  3. The fig tree is the biggest hazard to dogs. If you have a fig tree in your house, your dog should be kept away from it. Just touching the leaves can severely irritate their skin. If they approaches the tree and eat the leaves, you will need to rush them off to the vet.


Giving your dog one or two figs a week will be good for your dog if your dog is not allergic. In fact, figs are a good source of fiber, potassium and natural sugar that can supplement your dog’s diet. So when you eat figs, share them with your dog!


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