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25 Fruits Dogs Can and Can’t Eat

Why Feed Fruit to Dogs?

Fruit is full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and is good for us. But are all fruits good for dogs?
The answer is both yes and no. While there are many fruits safe for dogs to eat, some fruits are toxic and some carry unwanted risks. For example, dogs cannot eat avocados and grapes while the pits in cherries and plums can also pose a problem for them too.

Here’s a chart for 25 fruits dogs can and can’t eat.

Fruit Eat / Not eat / Caution Reason
Apple With caution Apple seeds contain traces of cyanide
Apricots With caution Apricot pits can block the bowel
Avocado Not Eat Contains persin, which is toxic to dogs
Bananas Eat Rich in potassium
Blackberries Eat Too many can cause diarrhea
Blueberries Eat Makes for a strong immune system and healthy skin
Cantaloupe Eat Beware the high sugar content
Cherries Not eat The pits are a choking hazard
Cranberries Eat Great for bladder health
Coconut With caution Not recommended for overweight dogs
Dates With caution Likely to cause diarrhea
Figs Not eat Ficin can cause drooling and diarrhea
Grapes Not eat Can cause kidney failure
Honeydew Eat Not recommended for diabetic dogs
Kiwi Eat Rich in vitamin C for a strong immune system
Mango With caution Nutritious flesh, but beware of the pit
Oranges Eat Flesh only…no skin, pith, or seeds
Peaches Caution A swallowed pit can block the gut
Pears Eat Good for healthy blood cells
Pineapple Eat Contains bromelain to aid digestion
Plums Not eat The pits pose a risk of bowel blockage
Raspberries Eat Great for arthritic dogs
Strawberries Eat Packed with healthy vitamins and trace elements
Tangerines Eat Rich in vitamin C
Watermelon Eat Thirst quenching goodness

fruits dogs can and cannot eat
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