Alex Avery

Small animal veterinarian


Education & Training

University of Bristol
Bachelor of Veterinary Science - BVSc
2001 - 2006

Epsom College

1995 - 2000


Small animal veterinarian / Companion Animal Veterinary Surgeon
Founder of Our Pet's Health
Canterbury, New Zealand

Dr. Alex Avery is a graduate from the University of Bristol with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science. He is a experienced companion animal general practitioner veterinarian with a broad experience and interest base in all surgical and medical treatment. He has a strong interest in owner education which resulted in the development of, a site dedicated to optimizing pet health through the provision of high quality, in-depth, fact based, unbiased information on a wide range of health care topics focusing on disease prevention, treatment and drug therapy.

Brief intro↓ A heat compress is one of the oldest, cheapest, and safest forms of complementary therapy for chronic, long-term joint and muscle injuries and is ideal to use in our dogs for conditions like arthritis/Hip Dysplasia/Elbows Dysplasia. Unlike ordinary heated rice bags, a graphene heated joint brace takes this to another level, with options available for multiple targeted joints in dogs of all sizes.

Brief intro↓ Is your dog suffering from pain from joint disease? Using heating hot pads can benefit any dogs suffering from arthritis from joint disease from cruciate ligament rupture as well as dogs recovering from surgeries. Dr. Alex propose that application heat therapy brace is a really valuable tool that we can all use to help our dogs, for better and getting the maximaum bebenfit for you dog, heating brace is your better choice comparing to hot bags and pads!

Brief intro↓ Arthritis is a long-term disease in dogs, you probably heard that it can be worse at colder winter month but you can not ignore your dog’s arthritis and optimize their treatment plan in summer months! Dr. Alex propose 5 arthritis treatment tips for your dog this summer. Make use of heat therapy is one of the suggestion by veterinarian, heat brace is perfect for supplying heat deep into the joints of arthritic dogs and are ideal to use in the morning and evening to get your dogs as comfortable as possible.